Kos island, Greece, sits bang in the middle of the Dodecanese chain of Greek islands that hug the Turkish coastline between Rhodes. to the south, and Patmos, in the north. Kos holidays are hugely popular with the British package tour firms.
Kos is one of the best islands in Greece when it comes to a typical beach holiday. It was among the first to go for mass-market tourism in a big way with many Kos hotels thrown up on the long, sandy coastlines to the east and the south.
Kos is long and thin, about 45 by 11 kilometers and, unlike many other Greek islands, it’s mostly flat and low-lying, especially in the north and west. As a result, much of the scenery on Kos is not outstanding by Greece standards, although it does get more mountainous in the south and east.
The lack of hills has helped to make cycling a very popular Kos holiday activity and there are no end of bicycle rental outlets and even dedicated cycling lanes between the big holiday hotels.
As well as the brash nightlife of Kos Town and a plethora of beach resorts, the island also boasts some of the best archaeological sites to be found in the Mediterranean.
For many though, it’s the long, sandy beaches that make a holiday to Kos so appealing with day trips by boat to nearby Turkey a very popular holiday excursion.
Kos airport is one of the busiest in the Greek islands and attracts international charters from all over the world. It lies to the west of the island some 26 kilometers from Kos Town – a long way for east coast holidaymakers but handy for the main south-west beach resorts at Kamari and Kardamena. A daily bus service runs from Kos Airport to the east coast passing through north coast resorts like Mamaris, Tingaki and Mastichari.



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